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MouseMods Roll-Up

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X-raypad Partnership

We know the struggle of buying a bad mousepad you change every 3 months. Now you won’t have to. We’ve teamed up with X-raypad, the creator of The Aqua Control Plus Gaming Mousepad which is among the best on the market.


All our  mousepads are uncoated 

We do not coat the mousepads to improve longevity of the surface. Usually for AC+ coated pads, there is a mat coated surface. This improves control temporarily but decreases the longevity and consistency of the mouse pad surface. To prevent such decay we do not coat the AC+ mousepads. Both uncoated and coated AC+ mousepads are balanced and under the category speed and control pad. The only difference is surface texture.

The Features

Mousepad Size

MouseMods Packaging Tube

To make the experience of receiving a MouseMods mousepad feel more unique, we upgraded our packaging!
With every mousepad purchased, receive a Mousepad Cylinder, perfect for carrying, storage or moving between your setups.
The tube is made of durable crafting paper with a strong UV matt coating to protect it from scratches and ware.  Dimensions: 425mm, 78mm

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