MouseMods was founded in 2020. In the early stages, MouseMods was primarily based on the idea of custom-painting gaming mice to make setups more personalized (hence the name).

A few months in, after looking at dull mousepads underneath their painted mice, co-founders Daniel Cleverland and Casper Fox was struck with the question:

“Mousepads are either good looking or have great specs. Why has no one combined them?”

After months of preparation, the first MouseMods Mousepad was released. Thousands of gamers have already upgraded their setup with the Sakura Aqua Control Plus Mousepad. MouseMods are now aiming to be the leading mousepad providers of gamers all over the world.
With headquarters in Denmark but proxies all over the world, the vision of combining the great specs of the best esport mousepad out there, along with a stylish design to fit your setup, is closer than ever before. The Sakura-collection was only the start. More designs and concepts are ready to storm the market in 2021!